Mesolithic Survey

Earlier during the QAEJ project investigation was undertaken at Canal de Squez.

Les Marionneux, St Mary, lies on headland overlooking the Devil’s Hole on the northern coast of Jersey. Collections in Jersey Musuem made from the coastal path indicate the presence of a Middle Mesolithic site dating broadly to the boreal period. Excavations in 2014 revealed the presence of dense quantities of Mesolithic flintwork. Activities were focused on the production of microliths and the use of bevel-ended tools. The pattern, of microlith manufacture, and use of bevel ended tools focused on the immediate area of the headland, is mirrored by the finds from our 2013 excavations at Col de la Roque, which lies immediately to the west of Les Marionneaux. This suggests a certain amount of spatial redundancy on these headland, which appear to have been used relatively inter-changeably for the same suite of activities.


At the time of occupation, these cliffs would have overlooked a narrowing strip of land and to the coast below. Both Marionneux and Col de la Rocque have excellent views of the areas below and this may have been one reason for the occupation. It is likely that at the time of occupation there would have been access routes down to the land below. The northern coasts are also known as the best sources of flint on the island, and access to these resources may also have been important.





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