Southern Britain

Southern Britain provides another internationally important record of climate change and human behaviour from the Pleistocene. Raised beach sequences spanning around 500,000 years combine with a far longer record of river terrace gravels to provide a detailed picture of landscape change under dramatic scale of environmental and sea level change.  From the Cretaceous, flint-rich landscapes of Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent, with their abundant record for human behaviour within marina and fluvial sedimentary sequences to the more localised record of the Devon caves, the northern limits of early human occupation in the La Manche region can be brought into focus. LaMP team members have a deeply embedded role in the research, management and investigation of this landscape, examining the sedimentary context of archaeological records in the region and the responses of both extinct and modern human populations through the Pleistocene.

The Needles, Isle of Wight

The Needles, Isle of Wight


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